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No "review" for Power Rangers Super Megaforce just yet. I'm sorry to say I have to rant a bit. Why? . . . A few months ago I found out that one of my favorite Japanese tokusatsu series, GARO is going to have a spin-off miniseries, a new series with a next generation (i.e. children or just child of original cast), an anime series, and a movie dealing with the future generation (i.e. setting takes place many, many years after the original series with the latest cast).

Now, the spin-off miniseries (Zero: Black Blood) has already been broadcasted in Japan since the beginning of March 2014. The anime series won't come out until fall of 2014. Movie will be released sometime in 2014. The newest series (Makai no Hana) will be released next month (i.e. April).

Despite me highly anticipating all these, I unfortunately have come upon ill comments about Makai no Hana. And all of you are probably asking, "What is the basic plot of Makai no Hana? You said this is a next generation series as in there will be children of the original cast." I haven't got a lot of info since on youtube there is only two trailers of it (which are the same except one starts out with Zaruba doing introduction) and wikipedia doesn't say much. But, the basics are that the series will focus around Raiga Saejima, the son of Kouga Saejima and Kaoru Mitsuki. He's the new bearer of the Makai knight title of Golden Knight Garo. Now, since this is a new series, there will be a new cast. I don't know if any of the original cast will appear in this series. Then again, by the looks of the trailer, Raiga is still young probably around the age that Kouga was or a bit less. So, maybe there's a chance.

So, what's the ill comments I've been seeing about Makai no Hana? The basic of "The original series was better than this piece of [insert swear of choice]." Another one is complaint of the looks of the one who is going to play the son of Kouga and Kaoru. I understand. Heck, I believe everyone understands this plight. We fans have the tendency to be nit-picky especially when we started at a certain point with the franchise we fell in love with. For example, I'm still liking the old Pokemon anime than the newer one.

And you're questioning, "Why does this bother you even though you've gone through this?" It's the matter of how I've matured a bit. I haven't done many rants, and I will admit some of them were childish. However, this is me at least being a good fan of Garo. I'm giving Makai no Hana a chance. Yes; I do agree that the original series with Kouga Saejima and the other original cast members was special. Even though I liked Yami o Terasu Mono, and the character who became the new bearer of Garo was interesting and a fresh personality, I still see Ryosei Konishi (Kouga Saejima) as the original Garo.

There's a thing that Doug Walker (mainly and famously known as The Nostalgia Critic) pointed out when he did a review on The Last Airbender (live-action movie). As much as every fan and non-fans hated the movie, it makes you appreciate the originals more than you used to. You may rage that this new rendition or version of your franchise is terrible, but you're content that you still like what you started with and why you fell in love with the franchise in the first place. Am I going to say Makai no Hana is easily going to replace the original Garo? No. Am I willing to allow Makai no Hana a chance to live up to it's predecessors? Yes. Is it going to be like the original? Probably, but there will be changes. No one likes change. I understand that. I still don't like certain things, but I have to tolerate. As much as I have to tolerate the current Power Rangers since my mind can't help but think about Super Sentai.

The other complaint . . . REALLY? No; are you serious? Are you really going to complain the looks of the actor? I don't complain on the looks that much. Looks don't matter to me unless there are certain features that are important such as that Harry Potter in the movies is supposed to have green eyes, not blue/brown eyes. Why? Green eyes are significant because it's the eye color of his dead mother. I will complain when bad acting comes up. With what I've seen in the Makai no Hana trailer, the one who's going to act as the son of Kouga and Kaoru, I see nothing wrong. He seems to have it completely down of acting "Like Father, Like Son" concept. I don't care for your complaint of "Oh, they could've picked a better looking guy." NO. I only go for quality of appearance unless there's something important that plays key in the whole plot. If the acting is good, I have no complaints. And also, if you think you can do any better of picking, give me your dang knowledge of how many Japanese people (yes, I know some actors may only be part Japanese or be another nationality (I've seen a Chinese actor play as a Kamen Rider)) in the right age category you know that can do this part. Come on. I don't even have that knowledge. So, I have NO RIGHT to complain about looks. If you're going to complain, justify by giving a passable answer. As far as I care, Masei Nakayama looks like a spitting image to be a son of Ryosei Konishi and Mika Hiji (Kaoru Mitsuki).

Again, I'm tired.
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